Kata Class 11am Saturday

Sempai Manrico Moro will be conducting a Kyokushin Kata  class teaching the movements and specifics of Kata every Saturday at 11 am .

Kata is a traditional collection of techniques taken from all the blocks, kicks, strikes and stances. Each kata becomes slightly more difficult as you rise through the ranks. The katas have traditional names and many are grouped into styles.  The styles are from different Karate masters as well as some that are specific to Kyokushin.

The specifics of each kata may vary from style to style or from one affiliation to another. However within any one organisation there will be an exact way you are expected to perform each kata. The attention to detail and constant striving to perfect the technique makes kata very strenuous and demanding .You will find Kata rewarding when you perform it just right.

You will not become a great fighter with Kata alone but the lessons learnt while perfecting each routine will help in many aspects of your Karate training and also in daily life. The kata pattern or routine can be performed solo or with a group of others and getting the correct timing is part of the skill, especially as the higher grade katas have both fast and slow techniques.

All  members are welcome to attend the class regardless of age or rank. Improving your kata will help with your preparation for grading. Class also perfects technique for tournaments. Not to mention the fitness and fun.

Click this link to see what other classes are available

Here is link to a video of the very first Kata. This will help new students to remember the steps Taikyoku Sono Ichi