Nexgen MMA combines the best of both stand up and ground skills that work in both competition and on the street.

Taught in a safe fun environment the classes introduce the students to punching and kicking skills and defences as well as takedown and ground skills and defences.

Childrens classes are available for 8-15 year olds .Students train in a specialy designed training uniform that is comfortable and durable and allows the student to learn kicking and throwing drills.

Adult Classes are a high intensity workout full of attack and counter drills for both stand up and ground situations and help students adept at either stand up and or ground fighting to bridge the gap and mesh the different skills together.

Adults train in specially designed MMA shorts that allow for high kicks unrestricted and unhindered grappling as well as a rash vest. Fingerless MMA gloves and a mouthguard are also used in the Adult classes. The best quality and prices for all equipment is available from the FAFC.