COVID-19/coronavirus Classes as normal

As you will all now be aware the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has made its way to Australia and is thought to be of danger to people with compromised immune systems so while we all need to continue on with our lives we want to slow the spread of the virus to help protect our young, elderly and frail.

At this stage all classes will go ahead as scheduled but we should all be following the recommendations we are given each Flu season.

Maintain good hygiene by ensuring you and your clothing are clean.

Your fingernails and toenails are short and clean.

Wash your hands with soap and hot water regularly.

Use hand sanitizer where available before and after physical contact.

Cover all coughs and sneezes preferably not with your hand.

If you feel you are showing any flu like symptoms stay home to prevent spreading the illness.

Look after your immune system by sleeping well, eating well and exercising regularly

This applies to everybody including parents and siblings

Please follow these guidelines so we can continue to enjoy the many benefits of being a part of a martial arts club.

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