Open Outdoors October 28th

Great news guys. With the easing of restrictions we can get back to some sort of normal and that includes classes at FAFC.

At the moment it is only outdoors and there will be restrictions on numbers.

Also adults can only do non contact training which we are checking but I think means no bag work or pads for the moment.

However Under 18s are full boar ahead but outside.

We will be running seperate Kids, Teens and Adult classes so the Teens can make the most of the contact.

So there will be

Kids Karate and Kids MMA Thats all Under 12

Teen Kickboxing, Teens Karate and Teen MMA 13-17 year olds

Adult Karate and Kickboxing (no BJJ or MMA just yet)

Fitness Classes 13yo and up (that includes all the Mums , Dads and Partners who need to do something!)

There will be a few weeks of ramping up to rebuild stamina skills , flexibilty and conditioning so nobody breaks.

Some people have valid fees and they are still on hold. We will start fees again once we are back indside and running as normal.

All classes for the moment are $10 for under 18 and $15 for Adults anyone doing more that two classes per week can pay up front at the start of the week for a considerable discount.

All payment is Cash only with correct change as there is no reception no eftpos for the moment.

More details soon.