July Interclub at FAFC

Along with Fight Club Melbourne, DMD’s Brunswick and Malvern Martial Arts , FAFC is staging an Interclub Sparring Charity Event.

Contestants from all clubs and Affilliations are welcome.

Boxing, Kickboxing and K1  rules but with Skin Contact only.

That means extremely light contact to both the head and body.

These rules make it possible for anyone to compete with very low chance of injury. All contestants are fully padded including Head gear .

If you have not yet got to a level where you feel you can compete in an amatuer VAMMA event this is the stepping stone you need.

This is a chance to get used to the prefight anxiety and the nerves of stepping into the ring without anything riding on the outcome.

At FAFC we will be preparing the fighters with drills and sparring to get used to the light contact and the ring.

Brazilian JiuJitsu matchups will also be running on the day with Points only for Juniors. That means participants are encouraged to transition through different positions picking up points along the way without the agression of chasing submissions. This is the perfect way to get into BJJ competition for the Juniors to prepare for State and National level comps. Both Gi and No Gi options are available on the day.

From 13 Years old the matchups will be under Submission only rules meaning no points or advantages along the way. Where there is no submission it is a draw.

For more information please call the club 0410643046.