Cash Prizes for Excellence

Once again Life Changing Beds is showing tremendous support for Kyokushin fighters offering Cash Prizes along with the Excellence trophies if you are considered The Best Fight, Best Technician or Most Spirited Fighter at the Martial Arts Fight Off Winter Warm Up on June 18th.

Andrew Cain and the Team at Life Changing Beds go out of their way on a daily basis to help people and their families in difficult situations as well as providing top of the line Beds and mattresses.

For many years now they have supported Martial Arts Fight Off and Fighting Arts Fitness Centre often in the way of sponsoring both Elite and up and coming Fighters.

For the June 18th MAFO they will also be presenting Each of the winners of the Excellence trophies with a top of the range  Cool Dreamer Pillow promoting a sound nights sleep and aiding recovery.



Win $200 JB HI-FI voucher with a simple Snapshot

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