2018 Queensland Budo Challenge

Team FAFC traveled to the Gold Coast for the Queensland Budo Challenge on the 7th of October. A group of over 40 of us traveled together. We had a great time having dinners together, traveling to Surfers Paradise, having a go on the Aqua duck (thank you to Andrew and Mona Cain from “Life Changing beds” for this great day)  and then finishing it off at Movie world on the Monday after the tournament.

Team FAFC had 18 competitors

Results were

KATA                                                                                                                       Amelia Ibrahim 1st   Phoenix Frichittavong 2nd    Annabelle Volpe 2nd              and  SerenA Scodella 3rd

FULL CONTACT                                                                                                               1st Place- Isabella Volpe ,1st Place- Jaydyn Collins-Steet , 2nd Place- Amelia Cain, 2nd Place- Summer Sultan , 2nd Place- Phoenix Frichittavong , 3rd  Place- Sabah Sultan  and 3rd Place- Ali Sultan




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