Wow what a day TEAM FAFC had at  the WKO tournament.
Thank you to Shihan George for putting on this event and giving us the opportunity to compete.
TEAM FAFC had about 30 students compete and came home with some awesome results.
First up the kata divisions with Jeremy Volpe placing 2nd and Emir Kamawal placing 3rd in the Under 8.
Under 10 Lucas Di Benedetto placed 2nd and then Amelia Cain placed 3rd and Ali Sultan placed 2nd in the under 14 division.
Then it was the kickboxers turn with Laila Mousa placing 1st and Michelle Newman placing 2nd in the female division. In the Male division Zia Kamawal placed 1st and Ben Butler placed 3rd.
After the kickboxing the Point Scoring commenced with TEAM FAFC winning alot of the trophies starting with the Under 6 which saw FAFC take out all 3 places, Annie Volpe 1st, Mason Apap 2nd and Blake Collins-Steet 3rd. This was followed by the under 8 division which saw Emir Kamawal take out 2nd place. The Under 10 division saw FAFC take out all 3 places again Vincent Deleo 1st place, Damian Karatasios 2nd place and Summer Sultan 3rd place. In the Under 12’s 3rd place went to Jaydyn Collins-Steet.
TEAM FAFC once again took out all placings in the under 14’s with Omar Chaar 1st place, Isabella Volpe 2nd and Ali Sultan placing 3rd. Under 16’s Vishnu Satish placed 2nd and Sabah Sultan placed 3rd. The last event for TEAM FAFC in the Ippon was the under 18’s which saw Laila Mousa win 1st place.
Sempai Ben Lyon fought in a one match and won by an IPPON. This was followed by the FULL CONTACT .
TEAM FAFC results are Summer Sultan in the Under 10 Under 30kg division winning 1st place. In the Under 12 under 40kg division Isabel Mousa placed 2nd.
Isabella Volpe who is only 12 years old and Amelia Cain who is 13 both fought under 16 division meeting in the final with Amelia Cain placing 1st and Isabella Volpe placing 2nd Sabah Sultan placed 3rd in the same division. The Under 18 female division Laila Mousa placed 1st. In the male under 18 division Saleh Amine and Abdullah El-Hosari met in the finals after fighting through the early rounds. Saleh knocked down his 1st opponent with a head kick. Abdullah El- Hosari placing 1st and Saleh Amine placing 2nd.
TEAM FAFC had an awesome start to 2017 bring on the ARNOLD CLASSIC. OSU