Interclub May 2022

Congratulations  and thankyou to everyone involved in the recent Interclub for Kickboxing and BJJ.

It was the first event to give fighters an opportunity to compet withy low cost and low pressure.

Stand up fighters can choose from boxing ,Kickboxing, K1 or Muay Thai rules but with skin contact and full padding.

Ground fighters can fight Gi or No-Gi with simplified rules.

Under 13 year olds competing on a points only basis promoting fierce competition with out the risk and pressure of submissions.

From 13 years old there was submission only with only basic submissions allowed taking out the subs that have a higher risk of injury.

The day went perfectly with the rules keeping everybody safe and smiles all round.

This is the first of many Interclubs that will be held with DMD’s MMA in Brunswick , Fight Cub in Malvern and Fighting Arts Fitness Centre in Glenroy hosting the event every 6-8 weeks.

The next event is July 17 at FAFC in Glenroy.